General Basic Master Legend Epic King
Colored name

Queue priority Low Medium High Higher Highest
Access to donator cosmetics

Bypass chat cooldown

Priority support

Unlock all armor and particle cosmetics

Access to /disguise on certain servers

Access to /fly in the hub

Early access to new games in development

Support the server 🖤

Practice Basic Master Legend Epic King
Join Competitive ladders without playing Casual

Late Join Tournaments

Start Tournaments

Start HCT Fights

Start Public Events

Host Private Party Events

MCTeams Basic Master Legend Epic King
Set Warps 7 10 25 30 35
Tracking Dimension Indicator

SoupPvP Basic Master Legend Epic King
Credits Per Kill 11 13 14 15 17
Event Pass

Access to Snail

Access to Viper

Access to Monk

Access to Ninja

Access to Switcher

Access to Stomper

Access to Torch

Access to Eskimo

Access to Chemist

Access to Kangaroo

Access to Barbarian

Access to Grappler

Access to Magician

Access to Vampire

Access to Thor

Access to Fisherman

Minigames Basic Master Legend Epic King
Access to /broadcast

Map voting power 3x 5x 7x 10x 15x